Explore your disability income category for young scholars. We prioritize the financial well-being of our youngest generation. Our Disability Income offerings specifically cater to youngsters aged 5-25, providing essential protection to secure their educational future and financial stability during unexpected life events.


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ScholarGuard, an innovative product by Wichita National, ensures educational continuity for youth aged 5-25. In case of sporting event or other unexpected injuries, it pays for their educational pursuits during college years.

What our product can do for you

Secure scholar's future with education assurance

Ensure your scholar’s education is secure with our ScholarGuard, providing assurance for their future.

Guard ambitions with unforeseen challenges shield

Shield your scholar’s ambitions from unforeseen challenges with ScholarGuard’s support.

Scholar's peace with quality education assurance

Find peace of mind knowing ScholarGuard ensures access to quality education, even in difficult times.

How it works

Peace of mind and financial security when you need it most.

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Tuition coverage with financial protection

ScholarGuard covers tuition expenses, offering financial protection to ensure your scholar’s education remains secure, even in challenging circumstances.


Ambition safeguard for unforeseen challenges

ScholarGuard acts as an ambition safeguard, providing crucial support when unforeseen challenges threaten your scholar’s educational goals.


Quality education assurance that’s uninterrupted

ScholarGuard assures uninterrupted access to quality education, offering peace of mind to families facing difficult times, knowing their scholar’s education is guaranteed.

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Our customers

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“Wichita National's claims process was impressively quick and efficient, providing prompt resolution when I needed it most.”

Olivia Ramirez

"I'm truly satisfied with the comprehensive coverage options Wichita National offers. It gives me confidence knowing I'm well-protected."

Ethan Anderson

"Wichita National excels with their innovative product offerings, providing great value for money that stands out in the market."

Sophia Mitchell