Our Annuities category, featuring MYGAs, is designed to provide a secure and consistent income stream for your retirement years. With flexibility in investment options and the potential for guaranteed returns, our annuities serve as both a reliable financial safety net and an avenue for asset growth.


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Security 5

This 5-year Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) locks in a fixed interest rate, offering a secure and predictable income stream for a half-decade. Ideal for those seeking stability in their retirement planning, this MYGA ensures guaranteed returns with zero market risk.

What our product can do for you

Worry-free retirement with guaranteed 5-year income

Enjoy a worry-free retirement, providing a guaranteed income stream for the initial years of your retirement.

Shield against volatility with predictable returns

Protect your investments from market volatility, ensuring predictable and stable returns for a secure retirement.

Smart long-term supplementing

Plan for your future effectively, supplementing your retirement income alongside your pension and Social Security for a comfortable retirement.

How it works

Peace of mind and financial security when you need it most.

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Guaranteed 5-Year income security

Our 5-year MYGA plan provides guaranteed income security during your initial retirement years. By investing a lump sum, we ensure a steady and dependable stream of income for this period, offering peace of mind.


Shielding from volatility with steady growth

Shield your investments from market volatility with a fixed interest rate that remains consistent over time. Your money grows steadily and predictably, regardless of market ups and downs, providing the security you need for a comfortable retirement.


Effective retirement income supplement

Our plans are tailored to effectively supplement your retirement income. You make a lump-sum contribution, and we provide a dependable additional income source for the designated term. This income acts as a secure supplement to your pension and Social Security, ensuring financial stability during this period of your retirement.

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