Credit Products

Step into financial confidence with our Credit Products category. Designed to act as a financial safety net, our credit insurance options safeguard your credit standing and relieve the burden of debt in life's unpredictable moments. Whether facing illness, injury, or untimely loss, we've got you covered. Choose us for peace of mind that makes all the difference.

Credit Products

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Credit Life

Credit Life insurance takes on the responsibility of paying off your remaining loan balance should you pass away during the coverage term. This ensures that your loved ones are spared the burden of debt, offering them financial security in challenging times.

Credit Disability

Credit Disability insurance manages your monthly loan payments if you become disabled during the coverage term. This financial cushion ensures that your obligations are taken care of, offering you financial stability when you’re unable to work due to disability.

What our products can do for you

Protection for your income

If you experience a disability during the loan term, Credit Disability provides crucial protection by covering your loan payments.

Income security in uncertainty

Safeguard your family’s financial stability during uncertain times, with loan coverage in case of disability.

Financial peace with debt coverage

Our credit products offer debt protection, providing reassurance and financial peace in difficult situations.

How it works

Peace of mind and financial security when you need it most.

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Financial support when needed

Credit Disability insurance provides essential financial support precisely when needed. In the event of disability during the loan term, it covers your loan payments, offering peace of mind and security.


Loan protection and peace of mind

Credit Life insurance offers loan protection by paying off the borrower’s remaining debt if they pass away during the loan term. This coverage provides peace of mind and financial security to the borrower’s family.


Safeguarding your finances

Credit Disability insurance safeguards your finances by covering monthly loan payments if you become disabled during the loan term. It ensures your financial stability during times of unexpected health challenges.

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“Wichita National's claims process was impressively quick and efficient, providing prompt resolution when I needed it most.”

Olivia Ramirez

"I'm truly satisfied with the comprehensive coverage options Wichita National offers. It gives me confidence knowing I'm well-protected."

Ethan Anderson

"Wichita National excels with their innovative product offerings, providing great value for money that stands out in the market."

Sophia Mitchell