Ancillary Products

Our loan protection products are tailored to safeguard lenders, including Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), and Vendor Single Interest/Lender Single Interest (VSI/LSI), offer peace of mind to financial institutions. Ideal for lenders seeking to mitigate risks associated with loans and collateral, these products ensure a worry-free lending experience.

Ancillary Products

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) shields both lenders and borrowers from financial pitfalls by covering the gap between the actual cash value of collateral and the remaining loan balance in events like total loss or non-recovered theft. It’s a smart layer of financial security in uncertain scenarios.


Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) acts as a safety net for lenders when debtors fail to secure their own insurance for collateral. In such cases, the lender can purchase CPI to protect its financial interest in the collateral asset, ensuring risk mitigation in uncertain circumstances.


Vendor Single Interest/Lender Single Interest (VSI/LSI), often referred to as blanket single interest coverage, safeguards lenders from financial losses stemming from uninsured physical damage to loan collateral. This coverage is purchased by the lender for all property-secured loans, with a flat premium per loan, bridging the gap between the collateral’s value at repossession and the outstanding loan balance in cases of default and property repossession.

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Improve Your Well-Being and Secure Your Future

Discover our range of ancillary products designed to boost your well-being and secure your future. Enjoy the serenity of comprehensive protection that caters to your needs.

Peace of Mind through Enhanced Coverage

Elevate your confidence with our enhanced coverage options. Rest easy knowing your financial health is fully protected and your peace of mind, assured.

Smart Financial Planning for Life's Uncertainties

Navigate life’s unexpected turns with ease. Our ancillary products provide a smart financial cushion, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way.

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Peace of mind and financial security when you need it most.

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Collateral value protection

GAP safeguards both lenders and borrowers from financial losses by covering deficiency balances arising from the disparity between collateral’s actual cash value and the loan balance during total loss or theft.


Lender's collateral safeguard

When borrowers fail to maintain insurance, CPI enables lenders to secure their interests in the collateral by purchasing insurance, ensuring protection for the loan collateral.


Comprehensive collateral coverage

VSI/LSI, shields lenders against financial losses due to uninsured physical damage to loan collateral. This coverage applies when the loan is in default, the property is repossessed, and the creditor’s interests are impaired, covering the difference between the property’s value at repossession and the loan balance.

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